Saturday, June 04, 2011

Yogi Bear (2011)

I had not taken my mom out in a long time and decided that this weekend will be for her! So I surprised by booking her movie tickets to her favourite cartoon character and a promise to drop in at the KenKo Fish Spa Pedicure at Express Avenue. My mom loves Yogi Bear, though I am not such a huge fan.I LOVE Garfield. Had I not checked my email this morning, I would have missed this movie and surprised myself instead. Vee and Mo may not be surprised at all. Most folks still cannot fathom my absentmindedness and goof ball streak.

We picked up our tickets and then headed for the Kenko Fish Spa Pedicure, which my friend and his kids had been to the day before. For someone who does not enjoy any kind of massages, he was quite impressed with the after effect. That gave me the inspiration to drag my mom for this new experience.

Your feet is washed well , after which, you are directed to drop your feet in a tank full of tiny fishes, also known as Nibble fish or Doctor Fish that clean your feet by eating dead skin. It is also an established method of treatment for specific skin diseases.

Initially, I felt really creepy. It looked like a page out of Fear Factor on AXN. Then it became unbearably ticklish and then, like a physiotherapy session. With dozens of these tiny fishes swarming around your feet and nibbling away, it feels like an electric impulse that a patient is given during physiotherapy. After 15 minutes, when we took out feet out, our skin looked so clean, almost bleached, and soft. Now, we love it. It was a one of a kind experience. I highly recommend it and would most probably return soon for another fishy session.

I fell in love with the Foot Reflexology session that I had in To Pay Yoh, Singapore. The whole floor is manned by well trained men. It is completely relaxing and you will fall asleep in no time. If you are a first timer like me, you need to let them know, so that they do not apply too much pressure while massaging your feet. On the other hand, if you are a veteran like my brother, then it is a different level. Either way, it is a fantastic way to end your day after a long gruelling walk or run.

I am so addicted to it that I had another massage at a small centre in Langkawi, Malaysia. The girls were simply amazing. Do not let their small frame deceive you. They have immense strength in their hands, which can catch a well muscled man by surprise.

I am going to my next Foot Reflexology session at Kenko, Chennai. They have their base at Singapore. So this is going to be quite interesting to compare and contrast.

Next, mom and I headed back to the theatre, where we bought ourselves a medium sized buttered pop corn, 3D glasses, and settled in comfortably in our seats. The cinema hall had more grown ups in attendance than kids. You never know your target audience these days I guess. The movie was cute and hilarious. You will love Yogi Bear and Boo Boo. This is the kind of movie you should watch to unwind and have jolly good fun. It is just over an hour and a half.

Mom and I loved the movie. We have a deal. Mom does not enjoy movies with jarring audio. So we decided that animated movies should do the trick. They are colorful, funny, and light hearted. Her first movie in 15 years was King Fu Panda 1 and we still cant get over that cute panda. This year, we made the move from the Panda to the Bear - Yogi Bear!

In between all this fun, I had also sent Gerberas to Anju. They are such smiling, happy flowers. I could not arrange for a bouquet to be delivered on her birthday, so instead, I surprised her by having it sent today. She is a fabulous person and I am glad she loved the surprise.

Overall, it has been a day to remember!

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