Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lunch at Kryptos

Chennai seems to have grown with its multi-cuisine options. Mediterranean and Italian food seems to be the hot flavors in the city and you have ample choice to cater to your palate.

I met up with a friend of mine at Kryptos to catch up over lunch. We had earlier decided to go to Kobe, which is famous for its sizzlers until my friend from work managed to corrupt my brain with the mouth watering menu at this Greek restaurant. Naturally, in the last minute, I decided to move the venue to Kryptos and I was happy to have been there. Good company and good desserts.

The buffet has an array of salads for you to choose from or you could go alacarte. We were starving and certainly in no mood for salads. For starters, I ordered the vine leaves stuffed with rice. It was served warm, while I was used to having it a little cool. I was having this particular favourite after a long time and it brought me back warm memories of my university days in downtown Toronto. That was where my torrid love affair with Mediterranean flavors first began.

For the main course, my friend had the chicken pilaf, which he relished and attacked with great gusto. The spicy vegetables that accompanied his main course were very tasty and I could not help, but dig into his plate for this awesome side dish. Disappointingly, I could not say the same about my falafel wrap. I had asked for it to be served open and not wrapped. I think that was a mistake. I was not too happy with the hummus and they forgot to serve the yogurt, which I pointed out and was promptly served. The show stealer was the dessert, Panna Cotta, an Italian dessert (in a Greek restaurant) made from cream and served with glazed apricots or fruits of your choice. I have tried this recipe at home and have also uploaded it on my food blog. It is a tasty and simple dessert to make and you cannot go wrong with this one.

Vegetarians may not have a lot of options to pick and the place is pricey too. Lunch for two costs INR 1,500/-, which is quite on the higher end, given that we ordered only one starter and dessert and two different main courses. The non-vegetarians on the other hand may have a much better deal with the menu options, even though the price may be a setback. Service was excellent and round the clock. My colleague had suggested that I try the pilaf (rice variety) and the potatoes with a lemony flavour, which has a specific name, but I have obviously forgotten. This strongly suggests that there is a need for Kryptos Season 2 soon and complete the unfinished business.

On a personal note, nothing like good food and lovely music to bring people together. I was glad that we went home with a nice satisfied smile and dreaming of more good food to come.

Photograph: Taken at Langkawi, at a club

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