Saturday, March 19, 2011


For a confessed foodie who loves to cook, it need not always be well meaning in the kitchen. Trying to impress my finicky, but lovable guest was the start of a disastrous venture. I am not the pasta, cream cheese kind. I mean I love continental, but I don't really relish it every night for dinner. I am hooked to simple rotis, dal, paneer, and some tangy salad or better still, go Mediterranean all the way!

Maybe, this particular guest-host combo was jinxed. Last time it was the Pitle which came out like Dhokla. This time, the noodles topped with vegetables and a spicy sauce, which was what I originally had in mind, came out like mashed noodles. I was on the verge of tears, and I still feel embarrassed about it.

I have already blogged this recipe I guess, but here's goes:
I dint get pasta from any of the stores near my house, and I decided to buy Hakka noodles instead. I had boiled and noodles and washed it under cold water. But time was running out and I needed to get the main course done, except that I should have realised I could have put the sauce and the noodles together when we were done with the starters and the chit-chat. But I dint. Instead, I proceeded to add the half drained noodles to my sauce and once it was cooked, added mozzarella on top and allowed it to cook slowly until the cheese melted and made your mouth water. It din't end there. Instead of warming the food and serving it, for some unknown reason, I decided to turn it around and mix it and you had MASH. (I loved Alan Alda in it, what a series that was!)

All I needed to do, as my friend smugly put it, was dump the noodles in the fridge to firm it up. Worse still, until I told him it was noodles, he assumed that it was the spaghetti gone wrong! That was some compliment.

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