Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dream Interpretations

Ever wondered what a recurring dream signifies? Dream interpretation is a controversial subject. Some believe there are no interpretations to dreams; it is after all just an extension of your subconsciousness, remnants following your day to day activities or events that took place in your life. However, there are those who believe strongly that dreams hold symbolic truth to your life. It could be lack of faith or sheer ignorance that does not allow you to study your dream and use it well.
Yesterday, I met a friend of mine who said that she suffered from dreams of flying snakes, symbolizing loneliness. It could do a lot with your current state of mind or the direction in which your life is at that moment. I keep dreaming of dogs all the time! I think interpretation of dreams does have some meaning, because they project your inner consciousness, which is expressed symbolically or otherwise!

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