Sunday, December 05, 2010

A House Full of Kids

I am sitting at my friend's house right in the middle of a bunch of boisterous kids. The youngest one bullys the elder ones, who whine and scream that K did this Chitthi, K did that, she is hiting me with an umbrella and a long list of unending complaints.

Its been a long time since I spent time with children. I used to conduct workshops for kids for a short period and we had such fun!

While most mothers may groan and sigh about the messy house and broken items strewn around the living room, to the outsider like me, it is still a pleasurable sight (ofcourse, I am not the one who is going to do the cleaning up). Sometimes, the imperfections seem so delightful than a spick and span house that almost looks close to a museum.

On a tv show, In the Actor's Studio, one of the popular answers to the question, "Which noise or sound do you love?", it has been, "Children's voices or laughter".

I cant agree more. The innocence, charm, and wicked glinting eyes never fails to melt your heart. You smile, groan, and enjoy it all like a delicious burger!