Sunday, December 19, 2010

Food, Passion, and Photography

I baked an eggless chocolate sponge cake today. The cake came out burnt on the top, but cooked deliciously inside. It had just the right level of sweetness to it and the aroma that filled the house was nothing less than brilliant.

I am passionate about food and photography. But not passionately driven to pursue it everyday. I blame it on work most of the time. The drive to work and back is a sheer killer.

But I know for sure now that the subject of food is something I love and respect. Not everyone can cook. I personally think you need to have a flair for cooking, understand the flavors, and use them innovatively. If possible, one day, I will have my salad bar, and a mix of cheese olives, sandwiches and baked pies.

Food brings people together and breaks the barriers. That is why, I think cooking should be from the heart and it will show when you present the food to your group. For me, it has always been from the heart. It offers you the greatest satisfaction to see another human being enjoy and get intoxicated in your creation. It is this expression of joy that pushes you to achieve greater heights.

Another influence in the food section as been the Masterchef Australia series. I especially enjoyed the Celebrity Challenge episodes. I saw some mind blowing stuff on the show apart from getting a few tips as well. Maybe I will put up my own food photographs in the salad bar!

For now, the game plan is to cook one dish a week, photograph the creation, upload, and enjoy it with the world.


Harry Hilders said...

Great shot. Looks delicious as well. Keep up the good work.

AquaM said...

Thank you Harry, for dropping by! Happy Cooking.