Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's Cooking?

Usually on my last day of vacation at my brother's place, I make a lovely dinner for my family. We are all foodies and love to try out new things. I dote on my brother, because he hardly complains and consumes just about everything I prepare.

This time, I kept the meal very simple for want of time. I made mildly flavoured masoor dal, mixed vegetables sauted in Indian spices, grated carrot and bell pepper salad, stuffed capsicum, rotis, and baby corn fritters.

I quite liked the way the dishes turned out and my family loved it as well. My family is honest about my food experiements, so yes, you can take their word for it. (Incase you are wondering, this is Turkish/Mediterenean meal of hummus, falafel, tangy salad, and rice at a Turkish restuarant in Northampton)

Food brings people together and fosters long lasting relationships. The quality of the food is also affected by the attitude of the chef. A deep commitment and love for making the most tastlicious dishes for a bunch of lovely people does wonders to your dish as opposed to cooking for the heck of it and stuffing it down your food pipe.
My dream job would be to get paid to travel across the globe exploring vegetarian cuisine, desserts, and making a long list of Kodak moments along the way. Travel writer, foodie, chef, crazy, photographer, yeah that's me baby!

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