Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Ever Happened to Good Food?

I was so put off by the veggie fare that was served on Singapore Airlines (SQ). It was tasteless. I am not sure which one was worse - the meal served on my onward journey or the return flight.

While I cannot quite recollect the entree and the main course, I certainly remember the semolina dessert, which was a complete no-no and the tasteless bread I have ever been served in my life!

On our return leg, we were served half cooked okras with rice, and dal as the main course. The so called spicy bread was spice-less, and the half-boiled channa with spices was cold and had to be thrown out. The only life saver may have been the dessert - chocobar, which I declined, because I was just put off by the meal.

The best meals are the ones that are simple, tastes great, and gives you the comfort of a home cooked meal. Is there a phobia among chefs and non-vegetarians about the numerous healthy, tasty, vegetarian meals that can be cooked in a jiffy?

Even a simple meal of rotis, well cooked dal with a slight lemony twist, followed by spicy potato curry, can be a great hit with customers. Better still, you can also serve up a lovely mix of Mediterranean cuisine, which is by far my most favourite.

The market is flooded with yummy breads, croissants, and what not. Why serve flat, hard bread lacks personality? You can serve fresh cut fruits, salad, or flavoured yogurt too. For dessert, options are plenty, starting with caramel custard, chocolate cake, muffins, brownies, to ice-creams, or milk based sweets.

It is embarrassing to observe that even Air-India Express, a budget airline, serves tastier meals, than its elite competitor.

Understanding your customers, the cultural flavors, popular dishes, will certainly give the quality and choice of menu a whole new meaning.

For those of you who love everything and anything about food, you must watch MasterChef Australia. Its a brilliant show and very well conceived. I can promise you, most often, the judges can surprise you with their expectations or what customers expect.

SQ, are you listening?

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