Friday, November 26, 2010

The Mother in Law's New Avatar

Often, my friend's mobile is engaged whenever we try to reach her. Now that got us curious. From what we know, CI is a happily married woman blessed with a beautiful little girl. She seems contented, happy, and accepting of her little world.

On Fridays', our brain is usually asleep and only wakes up to some mischievous thoughts or maybe brain dead conversations. So this Friday, we decided to question her on her long calls. Is it another man? or after being married for such a long time, is she still romancing her husband? There is nothing wrong with that. But you see him at dawn and at dusk everyday. Will that not do?

Since she seems sweet and polite, I decided to prod her a little more and find out what she does to keep her relationship glowing. Is it candle light dinners, or maybe soft music? Does it get better than is?

Her answer took me by surprise. Cozying up when no one is around is no fun. It is in fact the most easiest things to do. But cozying right under your mother-in-law's nose is thrilling and heightens the romance between her husband and her. Wow, that is certainly a thought. There is an element of thrill there. Smugness too.

In the Mother-in-Law's new avatar, she may not realise it, but she maybe the unaware Angel.

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