Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Disastrous Month

Phew! My family and friends constantly wonder how I manage to go through my life and survive these catastrophies everyday.

This month has by far, been the worst!
  • Lost my Spore Evisa copy at Krabi
  • Left my suitcase at my brother's place
  • Left my house keys at work
  • Forgot to close the tap to my washing machine
  • Momentarily forgot where I parked my car
  • Got locked out of my car a few times on the same day
  • Dropped the car keys under the car and called the Service Station who found it for me (under the car)
  • Safely stored my baggage keys and forgot where it was put away

That's all I remember for now. The list will be updated as the month goes by and I commit one blunder after another.

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