Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back to FLickr

After a long spell, I am back to flickr. For some reason, I had lost the enthusiasm to capture the moments on my digicam that follows me everywhere. Blame it on work, or the stress of driving down a solid 40kms to work and back, I had lost interest in my favourite hobby: photography.

The spell was broken by AFJ's lomogrpahy pursuits, which she is absolutely excited about. AFJ has been doing her home work on the basics of photography and has been religiously sharing reference links on her new found love. I was infected by the virus. I did my share of exploration and research, clicking away with different settings. I absolutely loved the entire experience.

Today, Chennai woke up to a drowsy start because of the monsoon. I woke up to raindrops and was reminded of the famous song, Raindrops are Falling on my Head and I decided to photograph a few things around my house starting with an all time favourite subject, Raindrops.

I immediately uploaded the pictures on Flickr, and also joined Groups on Flickr and learn a little bit more about art and photography if you fancy it. I joined a few Flower groups because nature's best subjects. You will be surprised to see what your camera caught in those magical shoots.

I have only AFJ to thank for this renewed interest. So thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Hey AquaM: It sure is catchy na? And you are welcome. I am having a blast already.

The OpenID thingy isn't working for me.