Monday, August 23, 2010

Tasty Punjabi food at the Icarus, Chennai

I had never heard about this place. I don't think I have known a lot of lesser known places because I live in a self-sufficient part of the city abundant with supermarkets, gyms, restaurants, retail outlets and so on. Before you jump to conclusions, I am not a millionaire. I just live in a convenient location with access to most facilities you will regularly require. So every time I get an opportunity to look beyond my comfortable boundaries, I usually go for it without a second thought. When it comes to experimenting with food, I am just a sucker for it.

Long time back, a friend of mine whom I had not seen in a while decided to catch up and he had promised to take me out for lunch for some awesome roti and subzi (Indian bread and vegetables )fare. I am nuts about north Indian food and can have it any time of the day, all the time.

Now Icarus is not one of your fancy joints in the city. It is infact one of the oldest establishments in old Chennai. It is placed right opposite the Madras Museum. You can park your car in the parking lot under the bridge and walk it up to Icarus in two minutes. You have to walk up a narrow flight of stairs to the second floor. The ambiance is plain and simple, yet homely and comfortable. The service is good and the place was not crowded when I landed there during a weekday lunch time.

We ordered jal-jeera pani served with a squeeze of lime. We started of with hot hot chapatis served immediately as they are made with a dash of ghee, accompanied by paneer butter masala (an old favourite), which was out of this world. The paneer (cottage cheese), I was told, was home-made, which explains why it tasted so fresh and soft. It almost willingly, lovingly offered itself the moment my tongue made contact with the cottage cheese. We also had a nice simple salad to go with it.

Their sarson ka saag (finely ground mustard-greens seasoned with spices), dal makhani, and parathas are supposed be one of the best you can get in the city. For some reason, I missed them out. I guess, its a good thing to leave a few things behind, so you can go back for them and get more in the bargain!

I cant remember what else we ordered, because this trip happened quite a while ago. But I do remember that the bill for two was Rs.350.

Icarus scores a perfect ten for value for money, quality, and quantity. Ditch the ambiance and enjoy the journey.

Be sure to drop in, should you be in the area.

Icarus is located at:
No 60 2nd Floor
Pantheon Road
Egmore, Chennai
Ph: +(91)-(44)-28546992
Landmark: Opposite Madras Museum


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely blog on Icarus,have visited the place twice and thorougly enjoyed their fare,true to words awesome food, cool quiet ambience,reminded me of home

AquaM said...

:) nice