Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two Days Old

I hope to fill my house with my own paintings someday. The constant prodding by a dear friend finally pushed me into this weekend class. I was introduced to my soon-to-be teacher at one of his student's painting exhibition last year. But that was that. I could not join right away for some reason or the other, and so many months passed, until I was given a another strong reminder by my friend and a little sermon about my indifference to honing god given talent.

And so, today was day two of my drawing and painting class. I have been sketching for sometime now. Ofcourse, perspectives may not be right or the technique may not be evident at all, simply because I was not aware of any technique and nor did I go to any class to sharpen my sketchy skills.

My work has been appreciated by generous friends, and my teacher is just amazingly encouraging. Infact, when a small vessel (katori) I tried to sketch turned out like a mushroom, (thanks to my lack of perspective (depth)), he still said, 'not bad'. You understand how even the most basic exercise, right from holding the pencil to the movement of your entire arm, makes a huge impact on the way you draw an object or paint it.

I have to practice drawing straight lines, vertical lines, horizontal lines, diagonal lines, circles, modulation of lines everyday. Believe me, it is tough. You need to ensure that the pressure applied on the pencil lead is even and the lines are evenly spaced. Needless to say, it has been quite disastrous. But like everything else, it is all about practice.
So far, I have sketched an ink bottle, a flattened toothpaste, and a small vessel. It has been such fun and so much learning to do.

Maybe one day, I will hold a painting exhibition (and all of you are invited) and that's when I will truly live my dream (ateast one of them).


Anonymous said...

hi... I am happy that you are showing interest in pursuing your talents now... I hope you sustain this and do very well to hold your own exhibition of paintings... I'll be the proudest friend that day :) !!!

AquaM said...

:) You will cut the ribbon and also play a short concert on the chitraveena on the big day!

prasi said...

Do check out this beautiful work of fiction, Of moon and sixpence, based on the life of Paul Gauguin, a posthumously-famous painter, who started painting very late in life and is now recognized as a genius.