Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Stuffed Lion who became a Scarecrow

I did not think I would really write such a piece, but my mom inspired me with her ingenuity.

My house is almost like a mini zoo. We have our morning and tea-time visitors that includes a specific count of crows, pigeons, and a squirrel, who are all familiar with the location of the kitchen window, and the sound of my mom's voice, and sometimes, mine.

It is a great source of mental satisfaction to watch them stop over regularly for food and hang around our kitchen window for a chat, which neither of us understand, but still carry on because it seems so natural, just like a conversation between two friends catching up on the day's events. We hand feed our pets. So they scream at you when they get hungry or the pigeons dance from one kitchen window to another trying to check if there is someone in the kitchen to feed them.

But it can get annoying sometimes.

There was this particular crow, which used to land up at tea-time on our balcony sill, around 4.00pm, and scream its head-off until it got something to eat. I had to put up with this ruckus only on weekends, but for my mom unfortunately, it was forever. To make matters worse, there was a dirty white sampling, which almost echoed, "Ill be back". Mom had just enough!

So she suddenly decided that the stuffed Lion that was given to me on Valentine's Day a few years back, will play the lead role of a scarecrow. The Lion looks quite limp and could really do with a hug. I thought it looked more like a scared crow and hugely doubted that it will play its part to tee.
The crow was not as smart as I thought it was. After all, it brings up the cuckoo like its own until it realises that something is amiss, that too, after a few years, while the Lion sits smugly and stares into the azure blue sky.

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