Friday, February 26, 2010

The Charm of a Well Brewed Friendship

“The best things in life come in threes, like friends, dreams, and memories.”

I caught up with a dear friend last evening after work. It was a surprise call and a sudden visit and one of the best moments of my life. We had not seen each other in a while, nor did we know about each other's whereabouts, except for the occasional message on the social networking site, which confirmed that we are alive and kicking in our respective worlds.

He is expecting his first child soon and I could not have been more happier for him. We spent over an hour driving around before we decided to stick around at the beach and listen to the rich sound of the ocean waves in the stillness of the night. We said nothing, just soaked in the moment, absorbing the comfort and joy of a good old friendship.

No questions asked. Just acceptance.

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