Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Pop-Eye State of Mind

I was up early morning and drove my mom to the beach. We finished a brisk 30 minute walk and headed home for some aromatic filter coffee. I settled down with the Deccan Chronicle and the Hindu, and began with the Supplementary copies.

The weekend Supplementary Issues are interesting because they feature some amazing recipes that can inspire you to enter the kitchen and have some fun. I love spinach in any form, though the Palak Paneer has always been my all time favourite. I chanced upon some simple, but delicious Spinach recipes contributed by food lovers and was inspired to make the Spinach Soup and Spinach Masiyal for lunch. Apart from that, I also came across an easy Sweet recipe called the Lapsi Kesari, in the Metroplus. I added this too to my Saturday menu.

So off I went to the market to pick up some lovely fresh Spinach, Spring Onions, fresh ginger, tofu, and green chillies.

Pop-Eye would have been very proud!

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