Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chak De (2007)

Chake De is undoubtedly one of Shah Rukh Khan's finest performances. As a comman man, you will appreciate it and enjoy the movie, but when you are a sportsperson, a player, you will feel the goosepimples on your skin.

Shah Rukh has done a commendable job as Kabir Khan, the defamed hockey player, who bears the weight of the cross for seven long years. He seeks redemption by bringing together the Girls Hockey team, comprising India's best players from across its different regions and preparing them for the World Championship. The coach and the team face numerous challenges both internally and externally. Internally, the players are divided and egos run high. Outside, the Hockey Association believes the girls are fit for marriage and kitchen chores, and are naturally not the hot favourites for competing in the World Championships.

Being a coach or a leader is no easy task. Earning your place and the respect is thrice as tough, and maintaining that position almost close to impossible. A leader leads by example. There is no short cut.

The movie has been directed beautifully. There are no extra moments anywhere. The girls have given an excellent performance considering that they were pitted against a seasoned actor. The chemistry between Kabir and his Hockey team has been thoughtfully and naturally developed. It is a great movie which you can watch even after the years go by.

The movie drives home some important home truths for the players and for the audience too. To quote Sir Edmund Hilary, "It is not the mountains that we conquer, but ourselves."


prasi said...

totally agree, great crisp movie and one of Shahrukh's best performances. and of course, it's about the underdog winning, so I liked it all the more. 2-3 songs in the movie are nice and inspiring.


Anonymous said...

If it's anything like Swades, I'd like to watch it!