Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Tailor of Alwarpet

Finally, after a long long search, and a few disasters, I finally chanced upon a treasure house - Yarn Tailors tucked away in Abhiramapuram, near my old place where I spent some part of my childhood days. The days were almost like Swami and His Friends from Malgudi Days! You don't find them anymore nor do you find good tailors who understand sculpting clothes that befit the subject.

My previous tailor was a very young talented girl who could suggest simple workable ideas in a jiffy. The dream run lasted only a short while - the girl was married off and the business folded up. I was shattered.

I could not, for a very long time, find another tailor who designed clothes they way she did. I just like simple A line cuts, which is not too much to ask for. But most tailors I met after that were nothing short of a disaster, all this inspite of the sample I gave them for reference. I nearly gave up, but I still needed to wear some decent clothes to work. So for a short while, I found another one closer to home. They were inconsistent in the way the pieces were tailored and expensive too. It did nothing to soothe me, just added to my long list of woes!

Finally, while on a visit to another centre on a project, I met a colleague who always wore well tailored clothes and was much noticed by the other women as well. I was in dire need of a well 'tailored' solution and so I asked her if she knew of anyone of that calibre. She unhesitatingly pointed me in the direction of the Yarn guys. Apprehensively, I gave them my first set for tailoring and prayed fervently when I had to pick up the suit.

It was such a winner and I need not have worried at all. There has been no looking back after that. The innings just continue, and hopefully, they will last forever.


Anonymous said...

I need a good tailor too re! Thanks for taking me along one day!

The loved the movie Tailor of Panama!


Anjana said...


Have been scanning the city for 7 years now. Funny I didn't google it before.

Could you get me the address / ph number of these folks, I'd be very grateful.


Krithika said...

Contact info please!!!! And thank you for sharing. Trying to find a good tailor in Chennai nowadays is like searching for water in the desert. I've been getting my clothes mutilated for a while now and have gotten so sick and tired of it.