Sunday, November 15, 2009

Are We Perfect?

The world is not a perfect place. None of us are perfect either. It is through our aspirations that we strive to achieve what we believe will be a perfect fit for us. If it does not work out, who is to blame? It could be the situation, it could be us, or it could be another party.

Between people, arguments flare up into battlegrounds because both parties are unwilling to see reason. A blame game only makes matters worse - the individual ego prevails, logic and reasoning takes a back seat, and the condition deteriorates. What do you lose over an apology? It does not cost anything and it does not take away anything from you either. However, an apology becomes meaningless if you don't really mean it.

My friend once asked me, "do you think i'm weak?". I first thought she was and then over time, I realised that all of us go through similar situations in life. I have my moments of cowardice, weakness, self-doubt, low periods, just like everyone else. It is these qualities that make us human. When we look back, we realize we could have done a lot of things differently; if only we could control the motion of time. We are time-travellers in that sense.

Reaching out to someone all the time does not make you indecisive and weak; it is also a precautionary approach towards informed decision making.

We are a race that constantly evolves over time, and like the changing seasons, exude a different flavour - it is left to the beholder to appreciate and wisely mould what they see. In the photograph, I see the sunlight that falls on the flowers, but another person could appreciate the shadow that extends from the flower basket.

Just because people see things differently does not make them problematic. It is our naivete to think we need to fine tune others. Remember you have a problem on your hands if you cannot accept people for what they are.
If you are looking for an alternative, here is an even better solution - just move on!


Srivilasica said...

I don't know what prompted these three posts (on the same day too) but here's muahs and hugs for you!

AquaM said...

Here are a couple of reasons: 1. Rain kept me indoors
2. Not able to find a good tailor is a harrowing experience
3. It gets worse when you talk about issues such as suicides. Somebody I knew actually contemplated it cos of thier financial situation
4. The last post was due to arguements with friends and the major showdown that followed it.

Shilpa Kothapalli said...

nice one sowmi....
i am gonna read this one more often

AquaM said...
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Anonymous said...

I think there are lots of issues being discussed here. You are insightful in throwing light over all of them.

I disagree with the title of the post. It does not encapsulate the sense of the entire piece. It looks like a starting point from where you got off the thinking process.


AquaM said...

Thanks Ships. Would love to hear from you anytime. So drop by!

Hey AFJ,
YOu are right. I was trying to accomodate a lot of issues all in one post and the title was my starting point. The issues deal with how we see ourselves and how others see us. It is a question of acceptance, hence the title.