Monday, October 26, 2009

Life in a Metro (2007)

A perfect Sunday evening. Came back from some lovely lunch at Creams Centre, my usual favourite haunt and did and impromtpu visit to Rani Seethai Hall to watch S.Ve.Shekar's hilarious play. Been avoiding work like crazy - actually we try and avoid each other as much as we can. Its a failing relationship. Nothing to look forward to these days.

But then, Life in a Metro came along and kept me engrossed well past midnight. What a movie it turned out be!
For movie lovers, I know this is scandalous news, but I have not seen the movie at all, just heard all the numbers from my friend's audio copy, which I eventually managed to misplace. I plan to buy him a another copy as a birthday gift, which has been pending for over a year or so now. Well, that's me.

Life in a Metro is not so much about living under the dazzling city lights and coping with the rat race, but more so about the choices we make in the pursuit of our dreams - a test of character, self-belief, love, and conviction. Sometimes, realization comes towards the fag end of our lives, and sometimes, we choose to make compromises for the greater good, if you want to put it that way!

The movie offers a take away for everyone. You will find that as you progress through the movie, it throws questions at you too.
Is this what we really want?
How far are we willing to go?
Are there boundaries?

Maybe, there is nothing right or wrong about the choices one makes, no moralistic preaching - no judgements. It is about taking a chance, for the better or for the worse, or giving yourself a chance.
.-- as Monty (Irfan Khan) beautifully puts it across to Shruti (Konkona),"...its like saying I'll take my car out of the garage when all the city traffic lights are green"
Shruti - "it is never going to happen"
Monty - "Exactly. So how will you find out unless you take the car out of the garage. Take a chance".

In our quest for happiness, we can easily lose our way and misunderstand the real picture. I
t may not be money or making a list of the places in the world you have seen - it could even be spending a quiet afternoon with the one closest to your heart, have a quiet conversation, do your own thing, and yet experience some of the best moments of your life.

In the end, it could be as simple and beautiful as discovering new places and new dreams with the one that you love.

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There are some points I might like about the movie. I must see the movie be

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