Saturday, October 24, 2009

And I've Been Tagged

Just when I was contemplating about my next post, R comes along with an interesting chain, 10 Most Honest Things About Me. I have been running through the 10 items for quite sometime, and I realised, it was either now or never!

Three Cheers to Honest Me

1. I am a dreamer, floating in my own cloud and totally at war with the world and its ideas

2. I love music, but can't really appreciate Carnatic vocal, unless ofcourse, it is B, taking centrestage, though I trained for a few years as a vocalist. However, I am simply a huge lover of jazz, Western Classical (vocal and instrumental), soft rock and Instrumental music. A huge art lover in general.

3. I am a total foodie and it shows; been yo-yoing between salads and workouts, and sometimes, neither of them.

4. I dream of travelling. That I believe is one of the most fulfilling and enriching experience of existence.

5. I love the outdoors and always game for fun. I suck at indoor activities or just sitting around in a circle and gossiping! Nope, that ain't me.

6. I am an excellent cook, except for unusual culinary blunders; love to have folks over for good food anytime.

7. I am a sentimental fool, though I do not say much - an absolute romantic at heart!

8. I share a love - hate relationship with life. Met some fabulous people, had awesome moments and also been through the not so memorable ones.

9. I believe in Destiny and that we all, in some ways, live a pre-ordained existence.

10. I am absolutely temperamental, short tempered, and sometimes lack patience - but my heart is in the right place!


Nothings Aplenty said...

Your heart may be in the right place, but a lot of times your i's ain't. :P Then again maybe it's cuz of my lack of "paitance"

I miss spell-checking your posts. *sigh*

AquaM said...

eh? kya bolthi tu?