Friday, July 03, 2009


No this is not Caesar. But don't you want to just want to pick him up and cuddle him in your arms? Its my long cherished wish to one day own a Labrador or a Golden Retriever. They are my all time favourite breeds. But I am compensated in small ways for not having one of my own.

A beautiful dog, Caesar, has been abandoned by his not so humane human family. He never bites, seldom barks, but eats very well. He is very affectionate and so well loved by everyone in the neighbourhood. He sleeps quietly in a few houses that he has adopted. He gets his daily dose of biscuits from me and a few others. But what he loves most when he is the centre of attraction!

Everytime I call him to give him his biscuits while on the way to work, he nudges the palm of my hand with his sweet nose, asking me to first pat him and brush him. The moment I stop, he will unhesitatingly ask for more. Sometimes, I have to stand with him, and cajole him until he eats his biscuits. This has now become a daily routine for the both of us.

Caesar even knows where I stay and everytime he is walking down my street, he looks up in the direction of my apartment floor hoping to see a familiar face, which would also mean some more goodies for the day.

He makes my day.

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