Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tangerine: That's The Way Life Should Be

After a very long time, I stepped out for dinner with my pal. The first since she returned from the States after her Carnatic tour. I had been going on and on about this place, Tangerine, I had never tried before. The credentials included its famous outlet in Bangalore, and the regular advertisement in the papers.

I had a long exhausting day and the invitation from my friend came as a blessing! Since we are vegetarians, I quickly called up the place to find out if their menu had a good selection of veggie dishes to choose from.
Thankfully they did. So off we went.

It was just about a 20 minute drive. Since we reached early, we had the entire place to oursleves. Its a simple uncluttered restuarant, with the right lighting. Neither too harsh, nor too dim. The air-conditioning could have been better.
Service was quick. Some brownie points there!

However, the vegetarian variety was quite limited in comparison to the long list of shrimps, prawns, crabs and other creatures. For starters, we had the Bruschetta, which was very well done. You can feel the butter soak your tongue, and the topping of tomatoes and herbs, was very light and had just the right touch to it.
We then moved on to the Spinach and Mushroom soup, which was very thick, but nevertheless tasty and aromatic. But given our love for a little spice and salt, the soup was a little sweet, and a little bland, so our hands were forever reaching out for the salt and pepper!
For the main course, we just wanted to order a sizzler accompanied with rice, which narrowed down our options to five. We zeroed in on the rice with paneer and coconut gravy, along with potatoes, and other veggies. It was just perfect! Absolutely tasty and the portions were just right for the both of us.
We gave the dessert a miss since we were already full and my friend also had a bad throat. The place offers great value for money. A meal for two should average around INR 600-800 .
On the whole, it was an unexpectedly pleasant evening that ended on a high note. Good friends, good music, good food - That's the way life should be!

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