Saturday, May 02, 2009

Revolutionary Road (2008)

It was hardly the revolutionary movie that I had hoped for. Given all the excitement that surrounds the movie, I was far from excited when it ended. I was just glad that I was done watching it.

The story revolves around the lives of the Wheelers, who seem to give the impression of living the perfect life. Two kids, a great husband, Frank Wheeler, played by Leonardo Di Caprio, who does everything to provide for his pretty wife, April, played by Kate Winselt, who has resigned herself to the fact that she would not never become an actor, and instead settles down as a housewife with two kids to look after. While the world believes that they are perfect, their relationship suffers from the imperfections of their desires and their inability to reconcile to the forces of reality.

In a desperate effort to save themselves from falling apart, April suggests that they relocate to Paris which was the only place in the world that Frank had earlier said he would be happy. Perhaps life would be far more interesting, and would give them renewed hope to look forward to something new. However, April gets pregnant and their lives are thrown into a turmoil. The decision to relocate to Paris seems ridiculous given the circumstances. While April wants to do away with the baby, Frank wants to have it. His character seems to have made the peace with the job that he hates, but for the sake of keeping up with the perfect life, works towards keeping the illusion real. April, on the other hand, desperately seeks a way out of her unhappy existence.

Kate Winslet and Di Caprio look more like the elder sister and the younger brother. The former has a strong presence that can overshadow the rest of the characters and that does not work in her favor. I thought Di Caprio looked pretty bored. Nevertheless, the actors played their parts well.

In the end, its all about choices people make. Everyone chooses a different path. Sometimes it is easier to fool ourselves into believing that what we have is indeed what we aspired for, and sometimes, you fight it with all you have got. Some just shut out the world. You can choose to be happy, at peace with your situation, or get depressed and wither away.
It's certainly not movie to kill for. But perhaps, a movie that makes an attempt to address the sham that surrounds a perfectly woven dream.

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