Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Pursuit of HappYness

Based on the true story of Chris Gardner who goes from being homeless to closing a multi-millon dollar deal, The Pursuit of HappYness captures the courageous tale of a father and a husband who perseveres to keep the family intact in the face of all odds that life throws at him.
His wife quits on him unable to live with the unhappiness that surrounds their existence and his meagre income is dependant on the sales of a high end scanner for USD 250, which will probably help him stay afloat for a few weeks, however, more often than not, Chris returns home with a scanner, a bad sign, a sign of no money that day.

Sometimes, there are just bad days. Chris loses his house, rendered homeless, and goes to the place for the homeless dragging his son everywhere, for whom he is determined to see life through. The motivation pill is not just his son, (his son in real life too), but his own persevarance to make it in life, in the pursuit of happyness. Another day, he sleeps in the Mens toilet in the subway and distracts his son with imaginative tales, to protect him from the harsh reality of their lives. Tears streaming down his cheeks, he fears for his son and his existence on which their very lives depend.

While we sometimes fail to recognise the opportunities that come our way, yet, we need not be disheartened, because we have the capability to create our own opportunities. But you need to know your strengths, believe in yourself, and stand tall in the face of unforgiving situations.

You will never know what surprise awaits you around the corner. It could be as simple as solving the Rubik Cube.

I loved what Will Smith (Chris Garner) tells his son when he discourages his son to give up Basketball, since they will be moving from place to place. Seeing his son's dejected face, Chris gives his young son some valuable advice, "protect your dream and pursue it. If you want something, then you have to go get it. Never let anyone tell you that it is not possible..."

In the pursuit of his Happyness, Chris finally earns his place in the Brokerage firm. He later went on to setup his own Investment firm in 1987, and a few years ago, was a part of a multi-million dollar deal for his brokerage firm.

This is a movie to watch out for and worth watching a dozen times over. To sum it up, "This too shall pass" , but not unless if you have the Will to succeed.


Primitive Lyric said...

hey girl!
I've been reading all your reviews. You give away far too much. It would be better if you didn't focus on the plot so much. Your analysis on the treatment, the themes etc without giving away too many spoilers would have been better!:) just a tip!

aquamarine said...

Alrightey done:) I know...contains Spoilers, like