Sunday, May 03, 2009

Creams Centre: My Favourite Haunt

I first went to Creams Centre when my friend from work took me there for lunch as a birthday treat. Its a medium sized, cozy place, where both friends and families, from across the globe, drop in, and the menu is a complete vegetarian fare.

I especially love the seating by the glass panel which overlooks a tree surrounded by other small shrubs and potted plants. Its so pleasant and delightful, and the perfect spot for a good conversation.

The service is quick and the food is good, except that sometimes, the presentation can be a bit of a disappointment. What I love at Creams Centre are the sizzlers. They are just absolutley fantastic. I have tried just about every sizzler in their menu, and so far, none have disappointed me. My personal favourite is the Veg Schezwan sizzler - makes my tongue drool as I write! Even the Italian /Sicillinana sizzler is excellent. The penne pasta was so well done.

For starters, I always order the Creamy or Spicy Hummus with Pita bread. Its my all time personal favourite, followed by the Spring Veg Soup, which is light and tasty. The main course is usually a sizzler.

I had been there on yet another time with my best friend and my mom, before the former left for the States for her Carnatic tour. We both wanted to check out the Paratha fest so badly, and finally made it just in time before the festival ended. The parathas were absolutely delicious, but very heavy, and the quantity was too much to handle. The Kulfi was great for dessert, and even the simple scoop of ice cream drizzled over with chocolate sauce and nuts is a great finish to a heavy meal.

The last time I had been there was another long pending birthday treat. We stuffed ourselves with so much food that it left us gasping for breath. Since the weather was pleasant, we decided to take a long walk home!

What I will not recommend are their Quesadillas and Falafel, since it is not perpared and presented the way they should be, and niether do they taste as good as the rest of their menu. When it finally boils down to price, this place offers great value for money.

So next time, if you are wondering where to go, you know now!


supernova said...

You're a girl after my own heart! :-) Food always perks me up!

aquamarine said...

Yeah I know. Today I had to take my colleagues from work to Gangotree and we went crazy just looking at all teh goodies neatly stacked up for display!
Food is the greatest thing in the world.