Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bolt (2008)

Walt Disney's Bolt was a perfect pick for a Saturday afternoon. Bolt is the story about a dog who is an actor in a sci-fi serial in Hollywood. Since his life is always confined to the sets, he believes he is Bolt the Super dog with Super powers and does not know he is just another dog !

As the Super Dog, his job is to protect Penny, his co-actor, act on her commands, and keep her safe from the green eyed man. Bolt can pierce iron bars by staring at them fiercely, and give the Super Bark which can scare the living daylights out of you.

One day, he is accidentally separated from the sets, and goes in search of Penny, whom he imagines is in trouble. Along the way, he meets Mittens, the Cat, who brings him back to reality and trains him to be a real dog. Rhino, the fat hamster who is a huge fan of Bolt the Super Dog show, joins the group in their search for Penny.

Like any other animated movie, it carries a message. You stick up for your pals no matter what happens. Its a movie about hope, friendship, and believing in yourself. To sum it up, a wholesome light hearted entertainer!

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