Sunday, October 19, 2008

Surprise Surprise

My close friend called me out of the blue on Friday evening, and wanted to catch up. We usually keep pace with our disappearing acts, and so the calls that emerge once in two months do not surprise us. Its just a way of life.
It was her sister's birthday and since she was going away on the weekend, wanted to surprise her with a cake and some gifts. Surprisingly, I managed to get home early and get dressed for the plan.
We drove to CakeWalk and realise that we cannot have cakes on the go, so we settle for an assortment of cake bites like th chocolate truffle, black forest, mocha choco, and a few other more. We had the slices arranged into an uneven cake look alike structure for the event. We then drove to Words & Worth, picked up, Khalid Hossein's, The Kite Runner and the movie Taare Zameen Par for the Libran girl. I like gifts nicely wrapped in attractive covers and neatly presented. So it was my say over my friend and armed with gifts and a cake, we made our way to her house.
The plan was to gently close the car doors, while smoothly taking out the SURPRISE. Well, we surprised ourselves - we shut the car door loud enough for the entire street to hear. Thankfully, the birthday girl's ear drums did not pick up the sound. We were safe for now.
In all this, aunty was also part of the scheme, tracking the bdy girl's movements and kept us apprised of the scene. We quietely sneaked in and while I set up the cake with the candle in verandah, my friend tried to pull away the bdy girl to another room, so I could setup the table.
Finally, the Libran birthday babe was welcomed to the screams of, "HEY, BIRTHDAY BABE" from me. I sang in my best pitch, as she cut the cake and then while the rest plunged into sin city, I carefully tucked in a small bite, and pampered the rest of the household into having more.
The Babe was really touched by our gesture and the small surprise that was well planned and executed to perfection.
It was a nice evening - Warm and memorable, just like we intended it to be..


Primitive Lyric said...

I didn't get past the picture. Yumm! My mouth waters as I type this:)

aquamarine said...

:) U shd have seen the acutal slices we picked up.