Monday, October 13, 2008

Rain on my Head

Thunder and lightening marked the arrival of Mr.Rainman today. How I wish it had been the good old school days - it would been the perfect excuse for curling up in bed for an extended length of time and just spread yourself across the bed like a lazy cat.
The image is a far cry from reality. I had to wade through slush and reach my workplace quite late and had to stay back to finish pending issues.
It gets worse. The auto drivers at the stand only allow two passengers at a time, or the guy gets fined a 500 bucks! I wanted to join two other colleagues who were on the other side of the road in the auto, but our man refused since it would mean breaking the code.
So I walked the entire stretch in darkness and managed to reach the main road and head home in the bus. The journey was exhausting and left me brain dead. Then I remembered Vee, my blog editor, had mailed me asking me to keep the posts going. It was apparent she got a kick out of reaidng my typo ridden blogs.

Now you know guys, why I leave these fatal errors in my posts - so that Vee can trip on it and have a good time.

Am I not a sweetheart?

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