Thursday, March 22, 2007

And The Truth Be Told

Bollywood babes get younger day by day. Or, maybe it's just me. i'm just blind to beauty. Today Rani Mukherjee turns 29 and I nearly fell off my chair reading the ghastly truth. All this while, I was thinking that the woman must have been in her early thirties!

The three hotties from Bollywood Kat, Yana and Rani attend a birthday party. They get a truth-speaking mirror as a gift. So our ladies line up to find out who among them is the most beautiful of them all.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Tell us, who is the most beautiful among us all?

But the Mirror first insists on guessing their age. You must understand that the credibility factor is at work here!

First comes Kat:
Mirror looks at her and the numbers 29 flash across the glass.
Kat screeches and rushes out of the room in tears.
(Psstt...she is just 19)

Next comes Sexy Yana:
Mirror looks at her and the numbers 30 flash across the glass.
Yana shows her finger at the mirror and carries on partying.
(Claims that she is going on 22)

Apparently Botox was not at its working best.

FInally, it is the ex-girlfriend of Bollywood's
first family's son, Abhishek Bachchan, Rani's turn:
Mirror looks at her confused and yells out, no readings done for men over 40!


Sowhatsup said...

You are vicious...... and jealous also, I think!
ha ha !

Soumyadip said...

A colleague was doing a story on Rani on her b'day and said that she turned 29. 29! Anyway one should never believe in a woman's declared age.

aquamarine said...

C'mon CE: :D

Hey soumyadip:)
wb- missed u

aquamarine said...

in anycase, i dont understand the big deal about quoting ur age. It is not in ur control. MIght as well be honest about it.

Miss Iyer said...

LOL, how imaginative :D

aquamarine said...

:D thx Iyer. Couldn't resist the instant story that came to my mind!