Friday, October 06, 2006

Sparky's Inn, Kilpauk - A Story Gone COld

Ruthless Ruthie, the soon bride-to-be took me out to Sparky's Inn at Kilpauk for lunch, earlier preceeded by the boring four hour tear jerker Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.
I had read about the restuarant review, but never really thought I would make the trip all the way to Kilpauk, which is more than an hour's drive from where I stay. What I loved most about the place, is its decor, very tastefully put together by the folks at Sparky's. It was also one of the prime reasons why Ruthiee brought me here. She knew I would love it and I sure did fall in love with the place. The chef is a good old not so skinny American chef, who was great fun to socialise with. It was a typical western setup, where the chef mingles with his diners and makes great conversations. It was certainly a different take from other eat-outs I have visited in the past. The only downside to that outing was the serving, which was way far beyond what I could eat; and infact I ended up eating nothing, because I felt full after two mouthfuls! Ruth sure did love her steak and cleaned up her plate. It was a great afternoon, well spent over a good movie and a good friend. What I like about my colleague turned friend turned gym partner is her ability to understand what people like and ensure that they get nothing but the best. Now, that's what I call , "A great attitude"!

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Appu said...

its a good place. kilpauk in one hour from ur place. where do u stay? tambaram?