Monday, March 13, 2006

Our Little Project: A Surprise for Wendy

Ever since Wendy broke the news to me that she was leaving, I wanted to give her a little surprise. I wanted to combine my movie treat with her surprise. I got in touch with AFJ and Tza Tza about my idea, and as usual these two were game. Here is what I had proposed:

On a sheet of handmade paper, we can put each of our palm prints in three different colours. I had pressed dried flowers at home, which we can add to the prints. The final touch would be our signatures combined with personal messages to Wendy. I would then get this framed and have it ready on our movie day.

As simple as the project seemed, it was not going to be easy to deliver. Owing to location and time constraints, the three of us could not fix a common time or day when we could meet and complete our surprise. Finally it was decided that Tza and AFJ would buy the paints and colours, put their prints and messages; and AFJ would hand it over to me in the evening. I would then complete my part and turn it in for framing. When I got the sheet and signatures, I felt that they occupied a lot of space and may become too heavy for Wendy to carry. So I informed both AFJ and an apprehensive Tza about my decision to cut out our palm prints and just stick strips of their messages to accommodate both design and space. Here is the gyan I gave Wendy (which was framed):

Two in a car
Two little kisses
Two days later
Mr and Mrs!!

I cut our colourful prints and stuck it on to a blue handmade sheet (one of the bdy gifts from Tza and Wendy), stuck messages across the palms and alternated the space with pressed dried flowers. A beautiful, but simple gold frame gave it an excellent finish. Inspite of my worries, both my partners approved. And we managed to surprise Wendy!


adi said...

cud u teach me how to make pressed flowers.
i hate to throw them away when they don't look good anymore in the vase.
seems, am betraying a little friend of mine.
if only i could have them for some more time...
will u teach me?

My Ramblings... said...

yes yes it looked really good... :D you are really good at this stuff sow sow.:P

Rita said...

Awwww! She must have been plesantly surprised. Cho chweet! :)

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Oh yes! Your description powers suck that's why we were apprehensive. :)

Nothings aplenty said...

you guys really surprised me was just sooo special. its up on the wall now Sow. and i look at it all the time and ishmile. :)

thanks you guys.