Friday, December 02, 2005

The Walk to Aries Book Store: Part 2

The weather in Chennai is quite unpredictable. Or maybe I should blame the weather forecasts. For some divine reason, when the forecasts indicate heavy showers in the city, you can be assured that the sun will be staring at you on your face! For the past two days, we have been expecting heavy rains due to the depression in the Bay. Of course nothing to that effect happened. Infact the weather was sunny and breezy. For obsessive walkers like Mru and I, it was godsend.
The two of us usually go for long walks after a good lunch. And today, the blessed depression finally made its appearance. On the spur of the moment, Mru and I decided to go for a walk in the rains and have ice-lollies. So we set out on this great big adventure through the narrow lanes of Mylapore. The cats were huddled in the house nearby and the streets were almost deserted.
A rare sight, the Chithra-Kulam(name of the tank) was filled with water and in the farthest corner of the tank, a small waterfall had taken shape. Some folks had taken shelter in the nearby shops. It seemed that time stood still. I was haunted by the memories of my father's hometown where I used to spend the holidays with my cousins.
The umbrella psychology was at work. We were totally drenched and absolutely enjoying it. I am sure the rest of the world thought we had lost it, not that we cared! Along the way, we decided to go to Aries book store and pick up the books that we had reserved the previous day. Inspite of the previous day's incident, for some unfathomable reason, it never occured to us that we had to pay by cash. I would blame it on these new devices, popularly known as ATMs for our pitiable state of bankruptcy! We did not have enough money to purchase the books. There were no ATMs nearby. The machine(card swiper) in the book store did not work. The shop keeper's generosity only made it worse. We looked like complete idiots. In an effort to diffuse the situation, I quoted philiosophically that the time had not yet come for us to pick up the books. We bade him well and promised to come back next week. On the way back, Mru and I settled for some hot hot samosas from Suriya sweets. We got back to work quite pleased with our escapade!
What Mru loved the most was the impulsive moment when we decided to take the plunge and brave the rains.
And me, from ice-lollies to samosas...I see life as either a great big adventure or nothing at all.


ashwin sundar said...

Rain or no rain Mylapore is the nest best thing to heaven

Amiya said...

Aren't weather forecasters such a damned community all over the world? Sometimes I almost feel bad for the poor guys. Then they make another wrong forecast which upsets my plans, and it's back to the those-stupid-useless-MET-people routine. Life. So predictable.

I'm gonna be in Chennai for two weeks close to New Years' - I hope the weather improves by then!

Sushmit said...

wow! nice pictures...usre feel like heading down south despite the rain and all!

Naveen said...

Are the rain drenched alleys of Mylapore walkable? I generally hated to walk in the chennai roads after rain..hats off to you gals for braving the storm and the mudded streets :)

Nothings aplenty said...

please please please Please take me to Aries Book Shop! *pleading look*

aquamarine said...

Hi Ashwin,
I think Mylapore is very resourceful. U find pretty much everythign u want! andyup, it has and old world charm to it.

Don't take the forecasts too seriously;)

Hi SUshmit
lol! If u r the adventurous type...shudnt be a prob at all

Hi Naveen,
Walkable or not, we decided to take the journey for hte pure thrill:))

Hi Wendy,
Of course! Consider it done.

Thx guys

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

AquaM: I need to pick up a book from Aries Book store. I hope you remember that!

Rita said...

Wanna chk out Aries.
Samosas!! Awwwwww I missed that! :(

RR said...

Next edition of Calvin's Cloud Pleaseeee!

aquamarine said...

there u go ur books for ya

rita...gurl, umissed out on all dat fun..and yeah, if u don;t mind the hot afternoons, then not a prb!

Calvin's on his way


still_figuring_out said...

haha..i have stopped reading the weather forecast since our creator has decided it is HIS say, and not some person annoucing on the TV whether it is Mr.Sun or Ms.Rain day.

and i`ve had it happening to me so many times! i can`t believe there are still places where i can`t use my credit card, as i hardly carry cash!

aquamarine said...

Smart gurl!!!


Abaniko said...

i don't believe much in shine/rain weather forecasts. i look at the sky every morning and do my own prediction. :-)

aquamarine said...

u r very wise abaniko!