Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Is anyone listening?

My brother's batchmate, Manjunath Shanmugham, an IOC executive was murdered in cold blood for doing the right thing. He was only 27yrs and had everything going for him.
It was a well planned murder. Manjunath was called to the site for checking petrol samples and was even offered tea. He was later pumped with bullets and the noise from the generators ensured that no one heard anything. I think he was killed in his own car or that the intruders were caught while trying to dispose his body by driving it in his own car. The price for his death includes, a compensatory amount of 26 lakhs, a monthly pension of Rs.10,000 and the reminder of his MBA debt waived. Manju's brother will be given a job in IOC. The issue has since been forgotten. Earlier Satyendra Dubey, an civil engineer (IIT Kanpur) was murdered in Bihar for blowing the whistle on the corrupt practices in his area. He was only 31.
But guess what qualifies for national news these days..."Amitabh Bachchan's health"..
Is anyone listening?


Rita said...

You are right. there was never too much of hype surrounding Manjunath's death. Possibly because the media did not want tell us too much about the price of honesty. Actually, honesty is the lost policy.

aquamarine said...

yep, hushed up as usual! life goes on as much as death!


My Ramblings... said...

Probably since there are corrupt officials involved, nobody wants to say anything.But it is not right. The media could have made a stronger stand.Is life that cheap these days, that it is not important to write about an innocent man's murder?

aquamarine said...

no one listens
no one cares as long as it is not one of ur own.

still_figuring_out said...

i am truly shocked!

i wonder what is happening to mankind..

aquamarine said...

hi still_figuring_out

u shd pick up a copy of Waiting for the Barbarians by J.M.Coetzee....


Abaniko said...

that's tragic. i hope justice will be served.

RR said...

No offences meant, but does life becomes more valuable if one is a IIM or IIT passout?

Impo said...

Absolutely not Yogi. I think any person has been "living" and had a "life" long before he or she joins any of these hallowed institutions. The problem with our country is that in a teeming population of 1 billion, some lives are more equal than others not because they are any less worthy but because our cocooned world is oblivious to the lives that have been lost in whatever walk of life. Forget manjunath and satyendra dubey, long before that didnt Tiger Hill strike a resonant chord in all passionate indians? Nothing since then right? Public memory is short. And the Public like sensationalism. Better that an IIM graduate dies than a common man on the road for that kind of news does not pander to the fundamentally twisted and perverse nature of our mentality. Sensationalism governs our lives.

Krishanu said...

i must agree to a small extent with what yogi said. i think all human life is important, and just because the cases of manjunath and satyendra were publicised (thanks mainly to their illustrious alma maters) we should not forget that they are not the only ones who are at the recieving end of corruption.

i hope manjunath's family has it's day in court.

Naveen said...

A couple of years back "Brain Drain" was the talk of the town. All bright top notch students from IITs, RECs and other good colleges were blamed of going to foreign countries to work. But now given the fact that that the Indian bureaucracy does not allow these guys to work honestly and freely, I'm forced to back up "Brain Drain" :(

PS: Since Satyendra Dubey was from IIT, Kanpur, I'm bringing in this Point of View!

aquamarine said...

hi abankio...i hope so..

Yogi, u can't be further from the truth...yup..i'm with impo on this one..he also happens to be an iim-l graduate..hence that gyan!

Impo...yup sensationlism it is..think ppl don't react until it happens with one of their own..n with a corrupt insitution, there's not much hope...but sumhow i feel in the West, issues of such nature would not have been wiped out so easily. It's tragic n I'm deeply disturbed by the recent turn of events.

Krishnau, names matter, atleast we can put them to good use.
(Impo: that an IIM graduate dies than a common man on the road for that kind of news does not pander to the fundamentally twisted and perverse nature of our mentality. )

Naveen...mayb u need to rethink ur comment..brain drain has abs nuthing to do with this.


RR said...

Guys that was not my point. Good that we can fight for justice and collect together people when injustice is meted out to people who have been attached to institutes/environments which we all look up to.

But what I wished to state was, that I took notice of this incident bcoz of the IIM link. As aqua, you said in west such an issue might not have been slipped in side the carpet, precisely because the common me would have attached more worth to the human per se than attaching worth to it by first relating to his/her achievements.

I am in no way pointing finger at your blog but why did you need to put (iit-k) in the bracket alongside Mr Dubey's name. Because people like me dont get sensitize enuf until we know that the person we are looking into is either equal or above me. It is this attitude that I questioned. Unless we change this and this shud start from people like me who cognize it, such things will happen, get highlighted in the odd case and as usual done away with diabolical means.

Naveen said...

I know Aqua, this incident has nothing to do with Brain Drain..but what i was trying to say was that such incidents become indirect reasons for more brain drain! These days guys who are fresh out of college(good colleges) are energetic and need more space and liberty to play the game..but such incidents dampen their spirits and they lookout for greener pastures! Dont you agree on this?