Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Umbrella Psychology

It is that time of the year when it rains incessantly, the roads are inundated with the rain water mingled with the free flow of filth from the neighbourhood. Finally, my umbrella-less friends' decided to get a couple of sturdy umbrellas. Now getting the right kind of umbrella is not an easy decision.

For starters, they were purchasing it for someone else. Now you have to consider the consequences of picking up an umbrella that totally disagrees with the person. You are forced to make a couple of frantic calls home, just to get the go-ahead.
Sometimes, you are not that lucky. It makes no difference to hear that your beloved braved the rain and stormy weather just to pick up an umbrella; so that Mr.Nice guy can go to work unhindered by the cloudy weather and the heavy showers. He still insists that he would like pick and choose something he likes. Not that there is a wide array of choices for men.
Now can men sport colourful umbrellas? Red, blue, silver, orange, they are so many exotic colours available in the market, and yet, the men folk resign themselves to the gloomy black shade. Is it unmanlike to be flamboyant. Why cannot people break out of stereotypes and set a new trend?? Afterall, if you can wear pink shirts and floral designs, why not carry red umbrellas?
The only respite from the gloomy weather are the vibrant and colourful umbrellas.
Interestingly, umbrellas can cadd to the cold, by turning relationships cold. Blame it on crystal clear logic. It will make sense.
Sometimes the idea of holding an umbrella is just psychological. Most often, people don't notice that the umbrella has half crumbled over their head, and they are infact getting drenched. Some bright sparks like to walk outside the realm of the umbrella. So you are left holding the umbrella in your hand while your partner smartly walks in the middle of the road. As far as they are concerned, the sky is their umbrella. Logic dictates that you have to have something over your head as a kind of protection, even if the machinery has failed to do its duty. Umbrella Psychology.
A warning before you purchase an umbrella, beware of crotch marks. Scratch the crotch and smudge the umbrella with the prints. My friend was a personal witness to this incident. A shopkeeper had left his marks on the umbrella, and was upto to the poor soul to figure out the best position to hold that contaminated thing!
I meant the umbrella.


Rita said...

Tell me about it, hon! I is such a pain, buying stuff for others *phew*!

aquamarine said...

awww:)))) u poor thing. U have bin thru that haven't u

My Ramblings... said...

"Some bright sparks like to walk outside the realm ......the sky is their umbrella."
It's a little diificult trying to walk under an umbrella when there are three of you and one umbrella. And a lil bit of drizzle won't harm nobody. Do some one a favour by letting them have the safe dry haven of an umbrella and this is what you get. Bright spark indeed!

Mrudula said...

So how did you hold the umbrella?

aquamarine said...

blah blah blah....just accept it crib-pot,using the umbrella is an art, and sadly, u don't have it in ya

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Hey AquaM: you have captured last evening jaunt well! You did miss Vishranthi ka kapi and dahi vada!

My ramblings: Sorry! I should have asked one of you guys to get another umbrella. But I was under this glorious impression that my tent of an umbrella could shelter us all!

aquamarine said...

held it by its............


Naveen said...

Mmm..looks like you are trying to pull a man's leg here :)
"Now can men sport colourful umbrellas?" - You know why the men folk prefer the gloomy black? Its simple, its their benevolent attitude.
They want to make the pretty "flowers" walking in the rain drenched, look more colorful and prettier by giving them more choices of umbrella colors to pick for themselves.
Arent women interested in wearing trinklets from tips to their toes in a color that matches their dress'? So this is also a reason for men "gifting" away colorful umbrellas to women ! :)

"Is it unmanlike to be flamboyant?" - this is not true, but the converse is true, "Man loves to make things around him look flamboyant" !!!!

Have I pulled myself in to a mess by saying these ? :)

still_figuring_out said...

lol. my sweetie does not believe in carrying umbrella. something to do with male machoism, i think.

i, on the other hand, own about a dozen umbrellas, with various colors and designs.

Nothings aplenty said...

hmmm....i can only think...damn! why wasnt i there for this adventure...??

aquamarine said..., dont't worry. The best is yet to come!!