Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The River

The Travelling Artists' Collective held a week long festival between the 7th and 13th of February, 2005 at the Alliance Francaise de Madras. The festival showcased paintings by Ganesh Babu and Pradeeep Cherian; Sculpture by Noelle Deffontaines; Photography by Aji lal and Monique Frobert; Pritham Chakravarthy's "Kannadi" (Mirror); a documentary by Sashikanth Nair titled, "Veli"; a collection of short films from Shristi School of Design Art & Technology; a percussion session with Anandkrishnan and Harinarayanan; Theatre with Kalairani and a guitar session by Neil Mukherjee.
I was at the Alliance Francaise of Madras on the 7th of February to watch a documentary by Sashikanth Nair on the river. It was brilliant. Nair follows the path of the river along with all the life forms that adorn its banks right until it merges with the ocean. The book mark, which I picked up during the festival had this beautiful poem on The River.
Life flows in the river.
The river comes down with mountains
and snakes to its river beds.
Flowers blossom beside its waters,
And through its fluvial ways
they float with such splendour.
Many waters; stream comprise a river.
From the sky and within the earth
Life is the name of this river.
Light plays on its waters.
Reflections on the river's surface show
life along its banks.
The River flows...
Reflecting life, reflecting the universe.
Everyone has her own mirror, her own river.
Language flows....
Expression flows...
The river flows.
The river changes according to the terrian
through which it flows.
The river flows...
The cosmic fish reside in the river.
Life is the name of this river.

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