Thursday, November 10, 2005

The parasol is the umbrella's daughter

Just when I was wondering if there was a poem on the humble umbrella.....

The parasol is the umbrella’s daughter,
And associates with a fan
While her father abuts the tempest
And abridges the rain.

The former assists a siren
In her serene display;
But her father is borne and honored,
And borrowed to this day.

-Emily Dickinson

p.s: Thank you Mru, for helping out.


Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Heyy AquaM, that's a nice poem. Emily Dickinson is one of the poets that I like...I wonder what Roger McGough has to say about the umbrella!

Accidental Fame Junkie said...
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Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Hi...I'm still searching for a comic poem on or about an umbrella by Roger McGough. But I stumbled onto this poem, thought I'd share it with you:

Today is Not a Day for Adultery

Today is not a day for adultery.
The sky is a wet blanket
Being shaken in anger. Thunder
Rumbles through the streets
Like malicious gossip.

Take my advice: braving
The storm will not impress your lover
When you turn up at the house
In an anorak. Wellingtons,
Even coloured, seldom arouse.

Your umbrella will leave a tell-tale
Puddle in the hall. Another stain
To be explained away. Stay in,
Keep your mucus to yourself.
Today is not a day for sin.

Best pick up the phone and cancel.
Postpone until the weather clears.
No point in getting soaked through.
At your age, a fuck’s not worth
The chance of catching ‘flu.

-Roger McGough

Rita said...

Hey, nice poem re! :D

aquamarine said...

haha, good one AFJ


Naveen said...

Very nice!