Monday, November 28, 2005

Mother’s special

The weekend flew past me and I know not where. The city had its weekend moments too….playing hide and seek with the rains. A nice lazy afternoon seemed like a gloomy night.

It obviously meant that I had to prioritize my plans and sacrifice a couple of others. I could not make it to the play on Saturday including the Chennai blogger’s meet last evening.

My mom decided to take a break from her normal routine and teamed up with my cousin and aunt, to attend Aruna Sairam’s concert. The hall was packed with no space to breathe. But it was worth the trouble. The artist has a strong voice that can reach enormous heights. Her breath-control is astounding. In tamizh this would translate to, "Dhum-Katti-Padardhu"; Aruna Sairam is known for going on for hours when she begins her Abhang. Needless to say, it was a fantastic performance.

The concert had its lighter moments too. Some of the rasikas’ kept screaming, “bhale! ..bhale”, for no apparent reason. I suppose they were trying really hard to behave like a true rasika. My cousin was in splits. My aunt was blissfully unaware of the drama having forgotten herself in the ocean of music.

I was holed up in my house, dumped with responsibilites by my over-burdened mom. So I decided to treat my mom to some good tiffin. I had already prepared the dhokla batter the previous night. It was ready to be steamed and garnished. I wrapped up the dhokla episode as fast as I could and just waited for my mom to turn up. Finally, the doorbell rang at 9.30pm, and I opened the door to see her glowing face. The musician’s spell was obvious. Somehow, I thought that her skin complexion showed a drastic improvement only after she had my special dhokla.

Or maybe that was just my imagination!


Rita said...

Hee hee! How do you know it was the dhokla and the not the music? *wink*

sanchapanzo said...

Nice one!
I think my mother also went to the same kutcheri..and she was also going ga-ga about it!

aquamarine said...

Hey rita..dat we will never know...but that does not sstop me from flaunting my excellent culinary skills...


aquamarine said...

hi! My folks were going on and on about her even yesterday....I heard from my mom that she ereally obliges her rasikas in a big way...lot of folks had sent in their requests on a piece of paper. She asked them if they could stay on till 10.00pm and obviously received an enthusiastic response..infact before she started the kutcheri, she asked the audience if they could hear her and then started the concert!
well deserved ga-gas, I must say!

Mrudula said...

I think Aruna Sairam's music was the reason your mother was glowing.

aquamarine said...

right mru.....grrr

sanchapanzo said...


Guess what!
Today, my mother was going ga-ga about 'neyveli santhagopalan'.
I wish I will go along with my mother to check whether kutcheri's are that good!

aquamarine said...

Hi sanchapanzo.....

Be prepared for a lot of is the kutcheri season...and its abs mind bogggling
and yeah, go chk it out!