Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Legend of Zorro

Cast: Antonio Banderas (Alejandro), Catherine Zeta-Jones (Elena) and Joaquin (Adrian Alonso), Rufus Sewell (Armand )
Director: Martin Campbell
Writing credits: Alex Klutrzman and ROberto Orci
Running Time: 129 minutes
Language: Spanish/English
The plot: The movie is a sequel to the previous adventure which ends with the birth of the couple's son. Ten years later, Alejandro and Elena have a brat for a son, Joaquin, brilliantly played by Adrian.
Alejandro continues to don the role of Zorro to protect the oppressed folks of California from the wrath of the landlords. However, he misses out on his son's growing years. Joaquin equally misses his father and yearns for his affection. This becomes the bone of contention between Alejandro and his wife. Added to this, Alejandro's identity, which was a well-guarded secret is discovered by the government representatives. It also becomes known that efforts to make California the 31st state is under attack from various quarters. While the Don has the onerous task of foiling the plans, Elena is blackmailed by the representatives to spy for them.
The climax ofcourse ties up all the loose ends and puts an end to a 2 hour mindless chase.
The movie was a drag burdened with lenghty conversations. However, little Joaquin gave an enjoyable performance with his incredible stunts and smart-alec talks. Zorro's horse, Adriaan, who understands only Spanish, takes the cake with his bag of tricks. The lines show on Banderas and Catherine's face. However, it does not diminish the former's seductive charm. Zeta Jones who comes across as a nagging wife puts up a decent show, nothing incredible there. Spats of humour are a welcome respite to an otherwise boring movie. Overall, the movie is an excellent choice for fighting boredom.

Rating: Killing me softly (2)
Killing me softly:2
Money for nothing:1


Rita said...

Sounds good re. Waiting to watch this movie :(

aquamarine said...

watch it over the weekend na!

Naveen said...

This movie is a good entertainer..but a pucca 'masala' one :)

Anyways, you can afford to watch it once!

aquamarine said...

yup, i agree naveen!

Mrudula said...

I've to choose between this and Harry Potter. I guess I won't watch it.

aquamarine said...

yup Mru, a thumbs-up for Harry Potter!!
me not there with u folks!