Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Good day, Mr.Chopper!

I have been coming to work with huge bags under my eyes, thanks to the Doberman(Mr.Chopper) next door. Next building actually. The watchdog is responsible for ensuring that peace prevails at the 'Deaf and Dumb' school and is permanently tied up in some corner of the school campus. But by late evening, I suppose he takes his rightful position by the gate. When the clock strikes 11.00, the dobbie's alarm goes off. He howls throughout the night. It is a soul piercing bark coming from the depths of a tortured soul. I tremble in my sleep and curse the tresspasser for the lack of timing(Like any other part of the day would have been better).
Initially, I thought it must have been an unfortunate intruder. But it din't make sense for a poor thief to make his entry at a particular time in the night and promptly find his bottom firmly lodged between those razor sharp choppers. It gets progressively worse by the morning. At about 6.30am, Mr.Chopper gets very excited, indicated by a series of loud desperate, maybe relieved barks.
I had had enough of this drama everyday. My mom and I finally managed to get in touch with the individual responsible for Mr.Chopper's atrocious behaviour and found out why. The guy is potty trained and has to be walked. So even if the situation calls for desperate measures, he refuses to download in the area where he is tied up. What a snob!!! When nature calls, the dobbie has to call out to his benefactor so that he can crap.
Invariably, the individual takes her own sweet time. By then, our man has a truckload of crap waiting to be dumped and is jumping around. The excitement is too much for him. So when he sets his eyes on this lady, he launches into a series of loud excited barks, which I would interpret as, "thanking the Gods for putting him out of his misery".
I really feel sorry for the guy. It is certainly not his fault that he finds himself in the same position everyday. But I made sure the woman got an earful; someone had to speak for the underdog! Hopefully, Chopper will see better days ahead and I can catch up with some much needed rest.


My Ramblings... said...

Well I have dog and he is toilet trained too and he knows what time he will be going out for his rounds. We dont delay these rounds of his and yes once they are trained they dont 'go' till they are let out.

I am amazed how this lady takes her own sweet time. The poor dog.

aquamarine said...

yup..poor dog ..


Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Poor dog!

Poor AquaM!

aquamarine said...

Hmmmm....I know..poor mee

Mrudula said...

Why should they keep him chained? Beats me why such morons own dogs.

aquamarine said...

me wonders too mru..poor guy!


sanchapanzo said...

Me always fascinated with dogs(street) ones and their wild-cousins like wolf, jackal, hyena, dingo etc.,

The tail-locked inbetween the legs, the wagging-tail, the pissing in its boundary, the endless smelling for someother dog's urine/excreta ....all these and more such behaviour makes it fascinating to do dog-watching.

Originally I hated these dogs, but animal planet, discovery, national geo channel changed it all!

I wish some channel do a documentary on street-dog's survival tactics. And their night-life is also really interesting, though dangerous at times for people. One must see how street-dogs form packs in night-time and have a really novel way of protecting their boundaries. They are street-smart :)

Seems like in New Orleans soon after the hurricane, lots of orphan dogs started forming packs and became too risky for human habitation in some areas!(some problems like these are also there...)

aquamarine said...

yeah Sanchapanzo, I know exactly what u mean.

National Geo, Discovery and Animal PLanet have amazing and interesting works on all the A-Z wild life species...maybe we shd do some docu ourself...street dogs are accessbile....and not as dangerous as venturing out into the forest.