Thursday, November 24, 2005

Fodder for the Soul

The Music festival is on. There is divinity in the air. Chennai has come alive once again. The December season brings the stalwarts together. The papers are flooded with reviews.
This season beats the Four Seasons in its charm, elegance and beauty.

Music touches a chord in the hearts of listeners’ as much as the musicians themselves. The Bhakti bhava is so evident that one cannot but melt in the sea of devotion. It is an intimate feeling shared between the musician and the rasika.
A world unto itself.

It is indeed one of God’s greatest gifts.


ashwin sundar said...

Have u ever been to the Thygaraja Aradhanai at Thiruvaiyaru anytime?nothing to beat that I guess.

. : A : . said...

Music festivals rock. Looking forward to the next one.

aquamarine said...

Hi Ashwin
No I haven't bin to the Thaygaraja Aradhanai. Just manageed to catch it on TV!

Yup, August..Music sure does rock

Mrudula said...

I'm planning to catch as much as possible this season.

aquamarine said...

Yeah Mru,,I know dat, u die-hard music fanatic