Monday, November 14, 2005

Ever wondered about flatulence?

My recipe on Baked Beans and cheese prompted a very interesting question from AFJ. This is what she had to say, "Yummmmmmm.... I like the sound of it. I have a doubt: I have heard tht beans of any kind cause flatulence. Is that right?
Infact, she was planning to stay away from beans for a long time. I consoled her by saying that just because she had beans, it does not mean that she will fart for the rest of the year. What it really means is that you should eat beans in moderation.
Next question from AFJ, "Ever wondered about Jack and the Beanstalk?".....
"Yeah", I replied. "Our man must have been stoned, living there in all that stench.."....ewwwwwwww..that marked the end of our conversation.
But it got me thinking on how this funda of passing wind worked. I immediately googled(amidst my busy work schedule) and came up with this intelligent piece of info!
"Intestinal gas, like death and taxes, is part of life as we know it. It can be delayed, diminished, or directed but not deleted. Gas is the exhaust fume of digestion, the necessary result of the bowel's work.
The bowel's work (digestion) is to break the presented raw material (food) into small, absorbable parts (essential nutrients), which then pass through the bowel wall (absorption) into the blood stream for transportation (distribution) to the various locations where they are used for either the work (metabolism) or construction/repair (anabolism) of the body. Nutrients not needed immediately are stored as fat or glycogen for future use.

As digestive enzymes break the chemical bonds, gas results and queues in the lower bowel for release, about 14 times daily on average. Honors for the most Vesuvian are formally reported in the 1976 paper, "Studies of a Flatulent Patient," which described 34 "events" in 24 hours. The least Vesuvian person remains officially undetected.
For those interested in some serious literature.....
Flatulence is a mixture of gases that are produced by symbiotic bacteria and yeasts living in the gastrointestinal tract of mammals, and aerosolized particles of feces, and it is released under pressure through the anus with a characteristic sound and unsavory odor. Flatulence in its verb form is called flatulation or to flatulate, also known colloquially as farting and various other, often colorful, terms. Most animals, including birds, dogs, fish, and insects, also flatulate.
The information is endless. So read on and enjoy...........reading and whatever!


Nanyaar? said...

interesting bean read. Still angry on plag? or have u come over ure angry?
Realized my mistake!

aquamarine said...

hi nan yaar,
tx for dropping by. Good to know.

Just A Human said...

Stupendous research friend.

Soumyadip said...

Beans, beans,
Good for health.
The more you eat,
The more you fart.
The more you fart,
The better you feel.
So lets have beans at every meal.

Docs Dope said...
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Rita said...

Here is an old joke:
Q: Why do farts stink?
A: So that deaf people can also enjoy them.
Hee hee!

My Ramblings... said...

You are priceless you know that?
Couldn't help laughing about the jack and bean stalk thing... the way your mind works.

Mrudula said...

Q: What's a burp.
A: A fart that has lost it's way.

aquamarine said...

hey mru, thx for that addtnl info;)

hey ramblings, blame it on jack,,has nuthing to do with me!!

rita, hehe:)

docs dope, try to ignore it!

soumyadip, hats off to u...poetry in motion...;)

just a human, 10q 10q, a very human thing to do..research on farts!!!!

Nothings aplenty said...

uhmm...i think i'll just say eeeewwwwwwwww....and stop with that. i agree with ramblings...the way your mind works seriously. *shakes head*

aquamarine said...

like i said, blame it on dear old jack;)