Monday, November 07, 2005

The Blog Relay Race - My Run

I have been tagged. Sowmyadip has passed the baton to me and I’m yet to play my part in this Blog Relay Race.

After weeks of procrastination, I decided that it was an auspicious day to wrap it up. A week long vacation was an added bonus. And now, it's party time!

Seven things that I plan to do

1. Learn salsa and jiving
2. Make documentaries
3. Run my own ‘Eat-out’
4. Globe trot
5. Have 2 dogs and a cat
6. Host my painting exhibition
7. Set up an ‘Arty-farty’ shop

Seven things that I can do

1. Give wrong directions (not intentional, ends up dat way)
2. Walk for miles
3. Remember birthdays
4. Keep track of ‘I O Us’
5. Crib and spend
6. Drown everytime I enter the pool
7. Paint the town...paintings….(I’ll stop here)

Seven things I can’t

1. Play pool
2. Swim
3. Remember directions
4. Shed a few pounds
5. Stay sane
6. Drink beer
7. Do a leg split and touch the floor with my head

Seven things I say most often

1. No problemo
2. Damn
3. Super
4. Yeah, right!
5. F**k
6. Bloody hell
7. Whatever

Seven people I want to tag (The usual suspects)

1. AFJ
2. Rita
3. Mrudul
4. Still_figuring_out
5. Sanchapanzo
6. :A:
7. NG


Rita said...

*guitar smash*

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Drats! I have been tagged! Any idea can I tag you back? *evil grin*

aquamarine said...

Rita and AFJ

sorry folks! no tagging back...just look ahead and get on with ur business,and complete the race.

Goodluck. Hehe


Soumyadip said...

Better late than... thanks for running your length in this endless race.

Two dogs and a cat. If the dogs are like Odie and the cat's Garfield, then there'll be some fun.

I don't give wrong directions on purpose, only that the benefiaciary ends up at the wrong place.

aquamarine said...

lol neither. it is out of the goodness of my heart that I give the correct directions, but like u said, the beneficiary ends up in the wrong place.

Yeah, about Garfield and Odie I know just what u mean!



still_figuring_out said...

huhm...i think i`ve done this before. let me dig through my archive and see. if yes, then i`ll re-post it. if not... ;)

Mrudula said...

Tis is one thing I really can't do - write a list and post it on my bolg.

aquamarine said...

well, you are in the race now....its good fun once you start working on it.


My Ramblings... said...

Drowned evrytime you entered the pool. Hmmmm. I can just imagine you doing that. Are you sure it wasnt the shallow end? ;) :P

aquamarine said...

*yawn* zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee