Tuesday, October 18, 2005

That feeling!

"To love and be loved in return is the greatest happiness of existence". Well, in the film world, there is no dearth of warm company. Its smile, glitter and love all the way. Karan Johar's hit show, "Coffee with Karan" showcases folks from the film fraternity where there is no love lost between co-stars.

On marriage and love: Great if you guys got together, but if you don't nothing ever feels the same again. Or if you were Gauri Khan (Mrs.Shah Rukh), you would probably pray for another guy to come along, so you could get on with your life (maybe I'm wrong, but dat was my interpretation). If you were Suzanne Khan, need a husband ask for more! Dat kinda love makes up for a string of other mishaps, like hubbie's movie debacles.
Interestingly, inspite of all the love actors young, old, comeback actors, actors who have lost weight, have for one another, they find it simply irresistible to accept another actor's comment. Like Rani Mukherjee, who is famous for her wide smile, had to let the world know what she thought of Pretty Zinta; that the latter talks too much and must learn to keep it quite sometimes....maybe Rani Mukherjee could consider checking out her smile that she flashes everywhere which reads sumthin like 'Fake it till you make it'. Keep smiling and pretend that the going is great, and when you get to the top, flash your "Here's the Real Thing kinda Smile' and exude all that love you have for your colleagues. Oh, what a feeling!
Of course, how about making a fashion statement in a short pink frock sporting a fat pair of legs, or if you were Amrita Arora, pair up with Malaika for the worst-dressed list of people! I don't understand the fashion scene anymore. It is abominable, or so I thought. But I was wrong. Abominable is fashionable today. The more cleavage you show, the more graceful and demure you look! Maybe, Mallika Sherawat's "care-a-damn-attitude" is her only hope to get away with whatever rags she is seen wearing at all the shows! If you have a great body, why not wear great clothes! There's sumthin to think about Mallika...
And how can I not mention the Darling of the lot, my sweet Aquarian Abhishek Bachchan. (I hope you are reading it....) Hey, I 'm an Aquarian too! But I suppose he is busy concentrating on his athletic abilities, trying to convince Mallika that "he can RUN" too... Hey Abhishek, I can run toooooooo:))
At this point, I would also like to make a reference to an actor totally disconnected from the Karan Johar circle. Her kinda glam-sham image is better suited for the south. Khusbhoo, made a successful crossover from Bollywood to Kollywood, had a temple built in her name, somewhere in southern India (I think it is Madurai). Her success is directly proportional to the warmth and love extended by the highly moralistic folks of Tamil Nadu. Yet, when she made a pretty logical statement about practising safe sex (pre-marital), she was received with a different kinda love, that included slogans asking her to vacate her house, chappals and brooms dancing in the air...and not to forget, a political controversy which, was ahem....expected! Can you imagine, even the Chief Minister admonished the actress for her statement. Poor Khusboo was left basking in 'That Feeling'!
Expressions of love come in a variety of packages!!! Friends and foes, hugs and kisses, all under one roof,,,,,,for cheap thrills, be sure to stop by Mirch Masala Filmdom for such exclusive packages.


Nanyaar? said...

are u online?? on yahoo messenger??

Rita said...

I agree with you AquaM. The film fraternity has its own ways of expressing love.
The khushboo episode was really nasty.

Mrudula said...

It is the woman's prerogative to shoulder the bane of 'culture'! 'Manu' continues to enforce his law!

aquamarine said...

damn teh guy!


sanchapanzo said...

KwK is great fun to see, leave some episodes which were horribly dry like the ones which had 'shabana azmi, shobha de, sunita menon, some hindi soap star, konkana sen'.

Karan Johar tops when he is interviewing someone he is really close with. And the guests who are close with KJ also take liberties to do lots of pranks(quite rare to see in most of indian television interviews, where the guests are obsessed with their achievements and bores us all the way).

To me, I thought Abhishek's pranks were also good, on afterthought it might be a really dry joke, but it was entertaining for that moment. Thought Abhishek handled few really embarassing questions from KJ extraordinarily well,
i. how does it feel to be dumped by Karishma? or something along that lines
ii. how does it feel to produce such a string of flops ? or something along that lines..
I really thought he will explode, but he didnt.

Similarly, some of the diplomatic answers by Aishwarya, were also top-class when she was harassed frequently by KJ by mentioning the name of 'Salman'.

Remember the episode in which Karan Thapar got brickbats from Jayalalitha for KT's accusing way of asking the same questions again and again. I really thought Aish might do a Jaya then.

I think since KJ is a key institution for this industry just like Ram Gopal Varma and maybe that is one reason why people(read guests) felt 'okay' to be abused royally by KJ.