Monday, October 31, 2005

Stop and Think Twice

Quite often, we fall into the trap of making snap judgements about people or issues, without giving it a serious thought. In our enthusiasm, we often unfairly judge a situation. It may never occur to anyone that given the same set of factors working against you, it could have been worse.

The lucky ones, we are never exposed to the darker seedy side of life. We know that alchoholism is a killer. But for a person who had to weather a abusive childhood with no support system, alchohol might be the only refuge. It is ironical how the very soceity that made all these rules, shuns us when we need their support the most.

People are always confronted with difficult choices. What may seem trivial to the outsider, maybe the toughest phase someone had to battle with.

So stop, and think twice before you fall into the familiar trap once again.

Perception can be misleading
Misleading because they are vague
Vague because they have no shape
Shape which gives us clarity
Clarity which helps us see
See and not to percieve
For perception can be misleading!


sanchapanzo said...

Nice post.
'Feel good' stuff makes up great reading or viewing(in movies)!

aquamarine said...

Hey Sanchapanzo..long time no hear, nice to know that u dropped by.