Monday, October 24, 2005

The Skeleton Key Spoiler Alerts

Trivia: Ronald McAll had to cut his dreadlocks to play the character of Papa Justify.

Swamp shot: At the end of the movie when the camera pulls back to reveal the house completed surrounded by swamp, that shot is CGI. There is no swamp, behind the house is huge fields. There is a paved road about 300 yards in front of the house and the levee for the Mississippi River is right next to the toad and the river is on the other side of the levee.

Goofs: Errors in geography: The license plate on Caroline's car says California instead of Louisiana.

Continuity: When Caroline unpacks her things at the house, she sets a camera on a nightstand to the right of the bed. A few seconds later, the nightstand is shown without the camera.Continuity: When Caroline is reporting for her interview, she steps out of her car and walks up to the house for the first time. We see her back from the car's side mirror. In reality, the car is parked (and she walked) in a direction that would not allow her to be visible in the car's side mirror.

Continuity: When Ben is in the bathtub and Caroline gets soap in her eye, she drops the sponge into the water but the sponge is on the tray when she picks it up to begin washing Ben again.

Continuity: When Caroline is giving Ben his second bath she soaks the sponge with soap and water. A second later when she goes to get the mirror her hand is completely dry.
Revealing mistakes: In the beginning of the movie Caroline is reading a story to a patient who dies. She tells a nurse that he just died but you still can see him breathing (chest moves).


Mrudula said...

Movies like this require us to leave our brains behind! If you don't you can't have fun!

aquamarine said...

lol..Well said Mru!!!