Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Remembering the Mahatma

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It was Mahatma Gandhi's birthday the day before. I remembered him and maybe a couple of other folks did too. But a friend of mine was disappointed that the majority did not bother themselves about celebrating the man's contributions and the ideals for which he stood. She was introduced to Bapu through the stories her grandfather told her.

Mahatma Gandhi's struggle for freedom through Ahimsa or non-violence is a standing example of a man who gave up his successful career in law, wore hand-spun kadhi and instilled the fighting spirit in the hearts of millions of people, without ever having to physically battle the outsiders. It was a battle of the minds.

He was not a spiritual guru or a philisopher-saint. He was an ordinary man who rose to extraordinary heights through sheer grit and determination. Such unnerving courage stemmed from his unconditional loyalty and dedication to his country and country men. He soul searched and sought answers and though I haven't read his, 'My Experiments with Truth', I was told that it is a phenomenal book. He treats his life like an open book, and for a man of his stature, that calls for trememdous courage.

Given all this, why shouldn't we remember him and celebrate his life ? I don't see the point to all this. We harldy follow his principles and Ahimsa has become a thing of the past. Wars have become commonplace. To my mind, it makes more sense to pay a personal tribute and play our respective parts to the best of our abilities. Afterall, remembering someone or something is very intimate and deeply personal.


Mrudula said...

I second that!

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Me too

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Then that settles it!!