Tuesday, October 25, 2005

If Anything Can Go Wrong, It Will

Yesterday was a bad day for me. Murphy's law was at work. "If anything can go wrong, it will".

First, I woke up well past my usual time and second, it was pouring. I dreaded the thought of making it to the bus-stand in all that filth and muck, floating on the streets and the roads. When I finally stepped out of the house, the situation was not so bad. On the spur of the moment, I decided that I'll walk to the bus-stop that precedes the one where I usually stand. I must warn you that I'm absent minded and lack a sense of direction. In my absent mindedness I got into the correct bus, but did not realise that it was headed in the opposite direction. To top it all, I angrily refused to be helped by this filthily dressed guy who only offered to pass my ticket-money. Finally the conductor asked me to get off the bus. I came back to where I started. By which time, I was horribly late for work and decided to take an auto.

If you want to find the city with the worst auto drivers, you should make a trip to good old Chennai. If the petrol prices go up by Rs.2, these guys will demand an extra ten bucks over and above the normal fare. If it rains, need you ask! I was faced with the same problem yesterday. The rains made it very hard for me to find an auto and time was not my side. I haggled and haggled, but could not find anyone. So I decided to walk to the next stop. While I was walking, it occured to me that my friend who lives nearby might be headed in the same direction. I call her to ask her for a ride. But the poor woman had to share an auto with a complete stranger because she could not find an reasonable auto chap. I lost hope and kept walking. Finally an auto chap, an older guy conceded to drop me off at the agreed "sane" price. I had alomost reached my destination, when the madman changed his mind and demanded an extra five bucks, which I promptly refused to give. So I walked the reminder of the distance.

The agony did not end there. My brother was online after a long time. So we chatted away happily until one thing led to the other, and we ended our conversation in a big spat. We did not chat for the rest of the day. My bro tried to make amends which, did not work. Younger brothers.. We resumed our civil talk today.

Later when I was headed home with my friends, another silly tiff broke out between a very good friend and me. The issue was resolved later this morning.

By this time, I was fed up. When I headed home, well...mommy dearest picked up a tiff with me.

I did not have the energy to carry on another heated conversation and sought shelter in the cozy confines of my room. I showered, cooled off, had my dinner and bid adieu! Phew...

Well done Mr.Murphy!


Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Hi AquaM, I am sorry about yesterday.. I hope we have sorted everything out and are completely ok with each other!

aquamarine said...

Dear AFJ

Once a friend, always a friend!


Rita said...

Yeah, yeah! I know exactly what you mean. That day was horrible for all of us. :(

still_figuring_out said...

lol. i`ve had those days too. when i do, i just want to crawl into my bed, with my comforter well over my face. chocolates and movies and cuddles from sweetie help too.

Mrudula said...

So what was the spat about;)

aquamarine said...