Friday, October 28, 2005

Happy Bdy

Happy B'dy, my Scorpio buddies.

I was planning to surprise my Scorpio buddy at work, but Nature had bigger surprises in store for me. While the city of Chennai was fighting the cyclonic weather, I was fighting a mental battle of my own. It was Rita's birthday the following day, and I did not have a b'dy gift 

I was stuck at home. The shops had shut down and the street dogs had adopted my apartment-building as their temporary shelter. Some adventurers decided to brave the flood waters and had a great time splashing around in the muck. Others were not so lucky. A pair of worn out slippers were floating around as a reminder of that tragedy.

I miss my childhood days, when my brother and I used to make boats and float them in the water. It was a time of supreme joy when the kids from the entire colony got together and threw rockets in the air, and floated boats, held competitions and simply had fun!

My mind wandered back to the impending birthday and I remembered that I had not bought the presents. Usually I take the time to make my gifts. But here I was, having a tough time, trying to make up my mind. 

The big day arrived. I managed to surprise Rita, I think.

I surprised my buddy by giving her a big hug and wished her well. About the real stuff, I finally settled for Monday. Did not have much choice there. But I had the entire weekend to make up for this!

For my neighbour, my artist friend. A post-card. Hope you liked it. And all the best with your show.
The storm had finally receded and my mind was at peace. Life in Chennai went on as usual.


Rita said...

Hey AquaM,
Don't tell me you were actually so worried over my b'day gift!! Anyways, I really, really, loved what you gave me. Thanks :D

aquamarine said...

hey rita,

glad u liked my pick! The week started off on a good note eh!!