Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Curious Incident About my Mom and My Friend

Yes, I borrowed the title (The Curious Incident About the Dog) to suit my story. Have you wondered why moms' always have a word of praise for your friend, and your friend reciprocates the same; and you are left in-between these two lovable people with no homage or praise for you!

I am appalled. Shouldn't I be the one who should be rewarded? Let me state my case lest you blame it on jealousy.

I happen to cultivate a good friendship. Then, it is only a question of time before I introduce my friend to my mom. Isn't it obvious guys? If it were not for me, these two strangers would have never met. Yet, I'm always ignored. Like the other day, my mom, out of the blue, made a statement about how all Moshis' in the world will make it great in life; it din't occur to my mom that her daughter who was sitting right next to her would also like to hear sumthin rewarding too; and then what does my friend do? Reciprocates. From one Libran to another. She thanks my mom a mininum million times for a small favour, which the daughter initiated. (Ok, I got a word of praise from my friend n her mom. But I had already started writing this piece by then..aha)

It is such a queer equation. An unsolved equation for which there are no derivatives or mathematical formula for such strange ways of a relationship. It is one of life's little mysteries. So I let it be.


Rita said...

Hey AquaM,
Please introduce me to your mom!! :D

aquamarine said...


My Ramblings... said...

I agree with you AquaM. But you know what? The same story happens at your friends place too... and you are the one being praised out there. see? ;)

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Hey AquaM, I'm thrilled to see me being mentioned in your blog! All ye people who don't know, I'm that "friend" that AquaM is talking about here... ahh.. my 15 seconds of I come!
Btw, congrats, your visitor count is really shooting up!

aquamarine said...

Hi Ramblings
dats true...for the time being ill stick to this side of the story alone..and garner some sympathy

aquamarine said...

Dear M,
Amidst all the complaints, I would like to let u know that it has been a real pleasure knowing u.
About the visior count, hopefully, Ill trip on some "Accidental Fame" sometime

Mrudula said...

I think it is the mother-daughter equation. I can only speculate since I haven't experienced what you've been through. My mom and I, I think, are a different ball game altogether:)

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Hi AquaM, accidental fame is right up your alley!

aquamarine said...

hi Mru
I can imagine!